How To Prepare Your Home For Professional Carpet Cleaning

Since you are all ready for getting your carpet professionally cleaned, you will certainly wish to get the most satisfactory results. While you have hired White Hat Restoration, you need not to worry about the cleaning results, but with some preparations, you can make the task more effective.

We have mentioned some of the steps to prepare your home for professional carpet cleaning. It will not only make the process quick and effective but also reduce the cleaning cost.

Effective Tips To Prepare Your Home For Professional Carpet Cleaning

Begin with clearing the clutter on your carpet floor. If the carpet is not clear, it will take more time to clear the clutter and start the process. Pick up all the things like papers, books, and toys, and move them to another place.

Vacuuming the carpet before we arrive will be a plus as it will eliminate the loose dirt and soil particles. It will lower the cleaning and cost.

Try to shift movable furniture like chairs, small tables, small bookshelves, etc to another room. By moving the furniture we can also clean the area beneath them.

Pay more attention to fragile items and decorative pieces like lamps, vases, electronics, and gaming systems. Please keep them in a safe place. So we always suggest keeping them away from the area to be cleaned.

Make a list of stained spots and additional areas to clean before we arrive. It will make the process quick. Also, you can ensure that all the stains are spots are cleaned.

Keep the hallway clear as we need to bring cleaning equipment inside your home.

Keep the room ventilated and allow airflow by keeping the windows and doors open for fast drying.

Keep your pets and kids away while and after a few hours of cleaning. Pets are children are likely to bring the soil and dirt from outside, that’s why keeping them away is a good idea.

White Hat Restoration & Floor Care

By following the steps mentioned above, you will ensure thorough cleaning of your carpet at a comparatively lower cost. These steps also make sure no area of your carpet remains stained or grimy.


Additional services you may need or may like to add. Just ask your customer representative or technician at the time of service.

  • Deep Scrub: We use our CRB (counter-rotating brush machine) to work on the product and lift the carpet pile. This allows us to rinse and extract more effectively.
  • Pet Treatment: There is nothing as strong or effective on the market to kill odors and remove unsightly yellow pet stains.
  • Carpet Protection: It forms an invisible shield around each fiber that resists soils and stains, keeping all types of carpet and upholstery looking their best day after day. And extends the life of your carpet.
  • Dryer Vent Cleaning: With proper cleaning of dryer vents, they last much longer. Clogged dryer vent results in the machine working harder but the functioning is negatively affected and could cause a fire.