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Professional Tile Cleaning in Indianapolis IN

Over time, dirt, grime, and stains can build up on your tile floors, leaving them looking worn out and dull. It also leads to excess wear and tear and reduces the lifespan of your tiles. Regular deep cleaning is necessary to preserve and prolong the spotless look of your floors.
At White Hat Restoration, we provide top-notch tile cleaning in Indianapolis that can revitalize the look of your tile and make them squeaky clean. Our team of highly trained professionals specializes in bringing new life to your tiles, no matter their age or condition.

We use advanced equipment and best-quality cleaning products that thoroughly remove the accumulated dirt, grime, and stains from your tiled surfaces and bring your floors back to life. With attention to detail and commitment to excellence, we can deliver the most thorough cleaning and satisfactory results. 

Our Tile Cleaning Process



Firstly, our professionals inspect the tile and check for areas with stains and high traffic that will require special attention.



Then we apply a suitable cleaning agent to the tiles and wait for some time. This breaks down the accumulated dirt, grime, and stains.



After that, we use an advanced rotating scrubber with a soft-bristled brush to agitate the cleaning agent and scrub out the floors.



Once the tiles are thoroughly cleaned, we dry them by removing the excess moisture. Lastly, we conduct a final inspection to ensure satisfactory results.

Bring Your Filthy Tiles Back To Life

Don’t let your dull and stained floors affect the appearance of your place anymore. Invest in our expert tile cleaning in Indianapolis and bring your tiles back to life. We are dedicated professionals who can effectively restore the original look of your floors and prolong their life. Give us a call and book your appointment today!

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Tile Cleaning Indianapolis IN

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Tile Cleaning Indianapolis IN

“They did a great job! Responded quickly, carpets look great I will definitely hire them again”

R F.

Tile Cleaning Indianapolis IN

“They let me know that they could come early which was great. Did an outstanding job. I highly recommend them for your next carpet cleaning. If possible ask for Mr. Daniel Yattaw.”

Derek Jordan

Tile Cleaning Indianapolis IN

Carpets looks brand new again

Richard Greene.

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