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Common Places In Your Home Where You May Find Water Damage

Common Places In Your Home Where You May Find Water Damage

December 7, 2023

Water damage in your property is never good news. But things can get even more complicated when you don’t know where the damage is, as it can stay hidden until it’s too late.

In this blog, we have listed the most common places in your home where you may find water damage to help you address the issue and protect your property from excess damage.

Common Places In Your Home For Water Damage

⇒ Under the Sink

A small drip from the bathroom or kitchen sink may go unnoticed and barely register as anything more than background noise. But this can quickly turn into one of the most common causes of water damage if left unaddressed.

So frequently check under your sink with a flashlight to ensure the slow drip isn’t causing mold growth. Also, call a plumber to fix the drip as soon as possible.

⇒ Behind a Drywall after Flooding

Drywall damaged by any type of flood, whether due to natural causes or a pipe burst, is susceptible to mold growth. So, it’s best to replace the entire drywall along the lower portion of your drywall after a flood to prevent mold growth.

⇒ HVAC Unit

Another common source of hidden water damage is your HVAC unit. The water collects on the shallow pan on your air conditioner, and from there, it gets transferred to the floor drain via a small line.

Water damage occurs when this small pipe gets clogged, leading to water overflowing inside your HVAC unit. It creates the perfect condition for mold growth and also damages your AC.

⇒ Basements

Basements are the most common victims of water damage. Without proper sealing and with clogged gutters, even minor rain can lead to your basements getting flooded. It increases the chances of mold growth, which is a common health risk of water damage.

⇒ Below Dishwasher & Fridge

Your kitchen is the last place you’ll want water damage and mold growth. Unfortunately, your kitchen and water damage are closely linked. Apart from the dripping sink, the area under the dishwasher and fridge is a major spot for water damage.

Also, you cannot see the water underneath these appliances until you take them out. So, the water damage remains undetected for longer, leading to excess damage to the subfloor. To prevent this, routinely check the area under the dishwasher and fridge and resolve the issues quickly.

⇒ Toilets

Washrooms are one of the greatest sources of water damage, especially if they are wobbly or with a damaged seal. The problem occurs due to the wax ring connecting the toilet base to the drain pipe beneath.

The issue is so subtle that you’ll notice nothing more than a small ring of water around the toilet when, in reality, the entire subfloor is getting soaked. So, if you notice your toilet getting wobbly, it is due to the damaged subfloor.

⇒ Around Chimney

The trouble can also come from above when your chimney and other roof penetrations are sealed improperly. It results in your entire roof deck getting damaged without anyone noticing.

To prevent this, get your roof inspected at least once a year to make appropriate repairs before you need an entire roof replacement.

⇒ Under the outdoor siding

A common but often overlooked area of your home where water damage occurs is the siding at the corner of your house. Unsealed gaps in these sidings lead to moisture seeping beneath the siding and rotting away the plywood sheathing.

To protect your home from water damage, you need to check these areas regularly for any signs of water damage. The sooner you detect a problem, the sooner it’ll get fixed, preventing costly repairs and ensuring your family’s safety from the health risks of water damage.

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