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Carpet Care Tips By White Hat Restoration to Keep Your Carpet Looking Its Best

Carpet Care Tips By White Hat Restoration to Keep Your Carpet Looking Its Best

July 19, 2023

Caring for a beautiful wall-to-wall carpet to keep it looking its best doesn’t have to be difficult. At White Hat Restoration, we believe that some effective tips from our experts can help you maintain their beauty for years to come. So if you are looking to give them the best care, here are some expert tips for Indianapolis homeowners.

10 Expert Carpet Care Tips By White Hat Restoration

1. Consistency Is The Key

One of the best care advice we often give is regular cleaning. Don’t wait for your carpets to look dull. Keep a vacuuming routine of at least twice a week. This will help keep the surface dirt at bay and prevent it from settling.

2. Be Quick With The Spills

If you want your carpet to maintain its beauty, you have to prevent staining at all costs. Blot and clean the spills as soon as they happen. This will not let them enter deep into its fibers and backing and will help prevent permanent staining. However, make sure you blot it and do not rub it to make it worse.

3. Saturate, Neither Much Nor Too Little

Our pros in Indianapolis suggest using the right amount of water, neither overwetting the carpet nor using too little water. Overwetting will leave your carpet growing mold. And scarce rinsing will leave residue behind. Using steam cleaning or hot water extraction with high-suction tools will help rinse it well and extract the excess water too.

4. Read The Care Instructions

The carpet care instructions on its label are the best guide to the right care, as they state the suitable cleaning method, frequency, and type of solutions to use.

Also, read the product usage tag while using any store-bought product to ensure the correct cleaning process. Moreover, this also helps identify whether the product is suitable for your carpet type and the particular stain.

5. Don’t Forget The Safety Test

Whether it’s a homemade solution or a commercial product, always prefer to pre-test it on a hidden area before use. Testing will prevent your carpet from possible fading or damage. This is especially helpful for colorful carpets that risk bleeding.

6. Keep Rotating Furniture

Furniture puts heavy weight on the carpet all the time. If it’s kept there for a long time, it will cause the carpet to form dents. So, to evenly distribute the weight, make sure to keep shifting the furniture every now and then. And make sure you do not drag the heavy items across the carpet.

7.  Protect From Direct Sunlight

If your carpet is exposed to direct sunlight, there are chances of color fading over time. Keep it protected by drawing the curtains and blinds to avoid damage to its fibers and colors.

8. Barrier Rugs For High-Traffic Areas

Dirt on carpets is unavoidable but you can surely reduce it by placing some small rugs and mats across the most common areas. They will act as a barrier for your carpet and prevent soiling it by catching most of the dirt. This reduces heavy soiling to a great extent, keeping your carpets looking good for a long time.

9. Say ‘No’ To Shoes Indoors

Foot traffic is the major source of incoming dirt and soil on your carpet. Do not allow walking with shoes on your carpet to avoid getting it messy from the outside dirt.

10. Get Our Expert Help For Deep Cleaning

Along with routine cleaning, call our White Hat Restoration pros in Indianapolis to give your carpets a periodic deep cleaning. We use thorough cleaning methods and solutions that will give it a fresh look and help it keep its beauty intact.

Summing Up,

If you want to take the best care of your carpets, vacuum them regularly, clean spills quickly, use the right products, and protect them from dirt. With that, our expert team of carpet cleaners is always available to help you deep clean your carpet and maintain its appearance.

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