How Often Should You Clean Your Tiles?

How Often Should You Clean Your Tiles?

January 11, 2024

Tiled floors require regular cleaning and maintenance to retain their looks and luster. However, most homeowners have questions about how often they should clean their tiles.

The best way to maintain your tiled flooring is by mopping and vacuuming it twice or thrice a week. Additionally, you should get them deep-cleaned every six months. While this is the general frequency of tile cleaning, many factors will affect your tile cleaning frequency.

Here, we have discussed these factors in detail to help you determine the frequency of tiled floor cleaning based on your lifestyle and needs.

Factors That Affect the Frequency of Tile Cleaning

⇒ Type of Tiles You Have

The type of tiled floor you have will play a huge role in determining the cleaning frequency of your tiles. It’s because some tile types, like porcelain, are more resistant to dirt than others, like ceramic.

Moreover, different tile types have different cleaning needs and requirements. For example, the non-slip tiles will have varied cleaning needs to the high-gloss variety and vice versa. So, if you have a tile type that requires care and attention, get it cleaned more often.

⇒ Level of Foot Traffic

The level of daily foot traffic on your tiled floor is another deciding factor over the frequency of tile cleaning. If your home receives heavy foot traffic daily, it results in more wear on your flooring, leading to more frequent deep cleaning.

So it’s best to get high-traffic areas of your home, like entrances, drawing rooms, and hallways, cleaned at least twice a year. But some areas, like the kitchen and bathrooms, may need cleaning more than two times.

⇒ If you Have Kids and Pets

Keeping your house clean with kids and pets is difficult, even if you have the most durable tile flooring. Toddlers can drop food and beverages on the tiles, and pets can track in dirt and dust from outside, making the floor look dull and drab.

Regular tile cleaning is important, as it ensures your tile floors retain their look and shine even after the wear caused by your children and pets. So homeowners with toddlers and furry companions should switch up their cleaning frequency.

⇒ Staining on Floors

Stains are a big problem for tiled floors, as they stain and discolor them. Moreover, many homeowners make the common tile and grout cleaning mistake of letting the spills sit too long on their tiles. It results in yellow tints on your floor that make it look ugly.

So, if your floor experiences frequent staining, you should get it cleaned more often to protect it from the harmful effects of staining.

⇒ Time Between Two Deep Cleanings

Lastly, a factor that most homeowners ignore while deciding the cleaning frequency is the time since they last got their tile cleaned. They think if their tiles look visibly clean, they don’t need to get them cleaned.

But this is not the case. Even floors that look pristine are hiding dirt, dust, and allergens. It can prove to be a huge health hazard for your family. So, if there is a long gap between the last tile and grout cleaning, you should schedule your tile cleaning with experts from White Hat Restoration as soon as possible.

They have the equipment and skills to bring back the lost shine of your tiled floors and make them look new.

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