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Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning

11 Signifying Symptoms that your Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning

March 29, 2023

A dryer vent or duct is responsible for throwing the excess moisture out of the dryer and into the exteriors during the drying process of the laundry. This is a crucial element for the proper functioning of your dryer.

But when this dryer vent gets clogged due to a lot of lint or debris accumulation, it can be a serious disaster for your machine. An unclean/blocked dryer vent can even result in a fire hazard in your home.

Therefore, dryer vent cleaning is very crucial to ensure the smooth functioning of your dryer and a safe home. But how do you know it’s time for the next dryer vent cleanup?

Here are 11 symptoms that your dryer vent needs cleaning. Go through the below list to help you see any red flags.

11 Symptoms That Your Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning

1. It Takes Longer to Dry The Clothes

If the dryer is taking longer than usual to dry the clothes or if the clothes remain still wet even after cycles of drying, it might be a clear sign that your vents are clogging up, making your machine work harder and inefficiently.

So seek professional dryer vent cleaning to unclog them and make them function smoothly.

2. Your Laundry or Dryer is Unusually Hot to The Touch

If the dryer while running or the laundry after drying seems too hot to touch, it is saying that your machine is overheating due to restricted airflow. The lint accumulated in the lint trap or the dryer vent must be blocking the air circulation. So get the vent cleaned soon to avoid further issues.

3. The Laundry Room is Warmer than Normal

If your laundry room’s temperature is higher than the rest of your house, then it could also be a result of the system overheating. When a clogged duct/dryer vent cannot throw out the hot air outside, the warm moisture gets leaked into your laundry room making it hot. Seek a professional dryer vent cleaning before it results in disaster.

4. Your Laundry Smells Musty

If the laundry, after a drying cycle, smells bad then it could be one of the symptoms that your dryer vent needs cleaning. When your dryer is not able to remove the moisture completely from your clothes due to the improperly-functioning dryer vent, this dampness makes them smell musty.

So get it cleaned by a professional.

5. You’ve Noticed Burning Smells

If your dryer smells like burning while running, it can be a serious cause of concern. When a high amount of lint gets stuck in the dryer vent, it can reach the dryer heat supply. And when that happens, the flammable lint may start burning due to the dryer’s heat, leading to this smell and even the possibility of a fire hazard.

Turn the system off immediately and get your dryer vent inspected and cleaned by a professional.

6. The Lint Flap isn’t Opening

The lint flap is openable easily. When it gets stuck and does not open, it means there is restricted airflow due to the clogged dryer vent. Make sure you get the ducts/vent cleaned to avoid further lint buildup.

7. Excess Lint and Debris in your Lint Trap

The lint trap collects all the lint and debris, preventing it from getting into vents. It is good to clean lint traps after every load, but when you see too much lint or debris accumulation than usual, it can be a sign that your dryer vent can be clogged and needs cleaning.

8. The Dryer Vent Hood is Stuck/Clogged/Damaged

The vent hood is located outside of your house to release the dryer’s hot air. If you notice that this vent hood is clogged with excessive lint or debris or it is stuck or damaged, it notifies you that your vent is also full of lint and debris and this needs to be cleared up.

Sometimes, the vent might be clogged internally. So it is best to still have your vent checked upon and cleaned.

9. The Dryer Shows Warnings

Many advanced dryers notify us about the warning signs stating something is wrong. It can be a red light or some error message indicating any malfunction. This can help you know whether your system needs some cleaning or repair work.

10. The Dryer Stops Working

When excess lint or fabric debris accumulates and blocks the vent, it causes the machine to overheat and work inefficiently. But when the issues persist for a long time and the vents are clogged over a certain limit, it makes the system stop working altogether.

This is among the clear symptoms that your dryer vent needs cleaning.

11. It’s Been more than a Year Since Cleaning The Vent

Do you remember when you cleaned up your vents? If it has been too long, don’t make it longer. The lint produced from fabrics will keep on building up in your system, clogging the vents.

It is highly recommended to get your dryer vents cleaned at least once a year. For more frequent and heavier usage, it is even more than once.

Also, it advised to not do the vent cleaning yourself and prefer professional dryer vent cleaning as it may seem easy but can be dangerous. And make it a point to clear up your dryer vents at regular intervals to allow the smooth functioning of your system.

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