Flood Prevention Checklist

Ultimate Flood Prevention Checklist for your Home & Business

April 17, 2023

As you might know, a flood is the most destructive disaster that causes huge damage to your property. This damage not only affects your property but also leads to the growth of mold and mildew.

When such a situation arises, it might become difficult for you to prevent your home & business from flooding. Thus, help from a professional for the same is needed.

To prevent your residence and workplace you must be prepared with some preventive measures before a flood arises. Read this blog, to look after the seven points that you should include in your flood prevention checklist to avoid any damage during the flood.

1. Know the Risk and Emergency Plan

Get accurate information on the flood occurring. Get to know what you are under and what level of risk. Check whether your area is marked under flood-prone areas. Be alert for the flash floods caused due to the dams, canals, etc. You should have an emergency plan and kit prepared for water damage restoration so that you just need to review it at the time of the flood.

2. Elevate your Home

Raise your home to about a certain level from the ground if you belong to a flood-prone area. This will help in preventing water from entering your home and damaging anything. Add vents to your basement to prevent flooding. You should keep your belongings or electrical appliances on a higher floor in your house.

3. Connect Flood Sensors

You should get flood sensors attached at the place that will alert you whenever a flood comes. Once the water touches the sensor, you will get an alert on your device that will help you out in taking further preventive measures.

4. Clean Gutters & Drains

Keep the gutters and drains clean by removing all the dirt and debris from the same. You need to make sure that no debris is left behind because it might cause overflowing of the water if clogged, and then can damage your place too.

5. Install Sump Pump

Get a sump pump installed as it is considered one of the best waterproofing measures and drains water away from your home. Sump pump pairs with a French drain and provide a pipeline to your pump to prevent your home from water damage.

6. Seal Foundation Cracks

Seal the crack to avoid water leakage. Small cracks can also damage your place. Therefore, get the foundation cracks sealed to prevent the water from entering your home through the cracks.

7. Flood Insurance

Get a new flood insurance policy that is different from your home insurance or contact your insurance agent to know about the terms and conditions of your policy or renew it if it expires. This policy helps you out when there is damage caused to your property and belongings due to a flood. Make sure your insurance is suitable to your situation and risk.

8. Get an Expert’s Helping Hand

A flood is a huge disaster that comes with no prior information and causes great damage to the properties. Despite having a flood prevention checklist prepared, an expert can help you to restore your whole damaged property.

Professionals at White Hat Restoration use the latest cleaning processes and assure restoration of your damaged property and retain its original look. To acquire professional damage restoration services in Indianapolis or nearby areas, call us today at (317) 209 4439 and secure your property from future damages.

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