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Water Damage Restoration Checklist

Water Damage Restoration Checklist

June 6, 2023

Water damage creates a reckless and rushing situation in the ambiance, but during this alarming state don’t panic and start the water damage restoration process. You can still save your place by taking quick actions like cleaning, repairing, and many more steps listed in the article.

The best way to get rid of water damage catastrophe is by hiring professionals which is the most preferred step. They can help you through the most satisfactory solutions, their expertise, and modern tools. However, you need to take some steps to prevent your property from excess damage. Check out the water damage restoration checklist to protect your place.

Steps of Water Damage Restoration Checklist

Find The Source of Water Damage.

Firstly find the source of water damage at your house, then try to stop the water flow by closing the main valve as leaked pipes are one of the common causes of water damage.

Take this step of turning off the water supply at your home immediately before the water damages all your house and creates a havoc-like situation.

Make a list of Essentials Affected by Water Damage.

Start inspecting the place after water damage has hit up your abode. Create a list of things that have been affected by water damage, this list will help you to sort out the damaged things in an organized way and will lessen your burden. Save your valuables from the further wreck and move them to a safe spot.

Mend The Affected Things.

If the water damage has affected your place severely, then don’t panic, instead try to control the situation by repairing the damaged things. Firstly pump out the water, and repair the damaged walls, ceilings, fans, and furniture. After mending the valuables, start drying out the place.

Call The Insurance Company.

Once the situation is under control, then call the insurance company, and get the quote for the things that can be covered under insurance. Before calling them, don’t forget to take pictures of the affected area for proof of water damage. You can also apply for insurance from online websites by simply uploading images of the affected regions of your house.

Hire Professionals for Water Damage Restoration.

Professional water damage restoration services have the best solutions, products, and expert teams to clean and repair the damaged areas of your house. If the damage is critical, then they will also help you claim the insurance.

They use the finest methods to clean, dry out and prevent mold growth at your place. While hiring water damage experts, look for a few crucial things, check if they have a license, are insured, and their customer reviews. If the company fits best in terms of these parameters, then only hire them.

Initiate The Cleaning Process of your House.

After your place has dried out with the help of professionals, then start cleaning the place. Kickstart the cleansing process of your home by vacuuming all the furniture and other valuables. After cleaning the house, disinfect all the parts of your home to prevent the layout of harmful diseases.

Prevent The Mold

Mold can spread harmful diseases, so before it starts growing prevent it by taking needful steps. It takes 24 hours to grow in a wet region, so to curb it, start drying out the place completely. Open the windows or use fan dehumidifiers to dry out the house quickly.

Water Damage Restoration Services in Indianapolis IN

Water damage restoration may take lots of effort and time and sometimes may not give you the best results. At White Hat Restoration, we provide the most satisfying results in less time. We have experienced, certified staff who use modern tools and the best products to bring your place to pre-damage condition.

Give us a call at (317) 209 4439 to restore your place today.

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